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Welcome to NEXTEL

NEXTEL - Nationwide Push to Talk & Cellular

Welcome to Cruisin’ Communications an exclusive NEXTEL dealer.

You probably recognize the name NEXTEL as a quality push-to-talk product and service from many years back. Our new product continues the tradition of quality push-to-talk however it is a bit different from those offered in the past. We now offer a full line of rugged hand held and mounted radios in addition to phones, tablets and PC software for dispatch and GPS tracking of fleets worldwide. All powered by the AT&T Network.

Cruisin’ Communications offers business and consumer solutions at very affordable prices. Consumers can now benefit from our unlimited prepaid wireless plans that include text, voice and data. No more standing in long lines at your local cell phone store, we do business online, in person and over the phone.

As you browse through our website feel free to chat with one of our customer service representatives during normal business hours or call us toll free. We are happy to do a demonstration of our software and services.

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